thumb08Dogs vary greatly in head type, size and shape, and type of acceptable dental occlusion.

However, good oral health, including sound tooth structure, plays a pivotal role in the general overall health of patients, from hard-working police dogs to the pampered lap dog.

Those individuals using their teeth to perform specialized functions (retrieving, tracking, police work, etc.) frequently run a higher risk of trauma to oral structures, especially the teeth.

Pet owners also wish to maintain their animal’s teeth in a reasonable degree of health, function, and esthetic appearance.

These client desires have resulted in an increasing demand for all forms of restorative procedures. Placement of prosthetic devices such as crowns, bridges, and even implants can help restore or maintain function. A crown is a restorative that covers part or all of the clinical crown. Dogs occasionally can have cavities that require a restoration to protect the tooth from further damage.